Since its foundation, the Spanish Geographical Society works actively to organize conferences, courses, seminars, round-table discussions, periodical gatherings, trips, excursions, cultural tours, slideshow projections, exhibitions, travel book releases and other events open to the public, organized by experts in their appropriate fields, with a special preference for members of the Society.

Each year, the Spanish Geographical Society gives out the SGE Awards addressing different cultural and investigative fields always in line with the objectives of the Spanish Geographical Society.

The Spanish Geographical Society has set forth the following goals for its work over the coming years: to promote the study and understanding of our environment (first and foremost that of Spain, but also of the rest of the world), to promote geographical knowledge by all available means, and above all to make public modern geographic science while also investigating the adventurous side of Spanish geographic discoveries throughout history.

Every four months, the Society publishes its own comprehensive magazine in collaboration with some of the most prestigious travellers, geographers and investigators in the country.

The Society maintains an editorial activity by publishing specially-ordered books on subjects relating to exploration, travel and geography. With its seal of approval, it also endorses various collections released by other publishers which are considered interesting and in line with the objetives of the Society.

One of the primary concerns of the Spanish Geographical Society is the recovery of ancient geographical books and expanding a comprehensive library and documents department at the Society’s headquarters at the Palacio de Fernán Núñez.

The Society keeps in touch with different societies all over the world as well as Spanish geographers’ associations in order to encourage collaboration projects with university departments within this discipline. The SGS will continue to increase contact with other groups of investigators (sociologists, biologists, city and town planners, etc.)